Corporate volunteering

Companies are increasingly concerned to put their skills at the service of societal causes hence showing their commitment to improving society.

Orfeo offers you an original form of corporate volunteering: that of looking for the talents (especially artistic but not only) of your employees to put them at the service of our partner institutions and their beneficiaries. Depending on the interests and skills of the team, we organize tailor made activities

This is an opportunity to enhance your team and strengthen its cohesion by a meaningful project with a deep and human contact with the beneficiaries.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made day.


The non-profit association Orfeo and Shiseido Belgium collaborated to organize a volunteer day at SAMU Social in Evere. The entire Shiseido team was delighted to be able to help those in need and relax them for a day.

We had organized several workshops such as games with children and make-up corners, manicures and massage for their mom. Every Shiseido employee has a very positive memory of it and was touched by this day full of emotions. We felt useful and could, for a few hours, contribute to the well-being of these mothers with children.

We would like to thank ASBL Orfeo without whom this project would not have been possible. The Orfeo team has supported and helped us to make this day a complete success. We hope to renew this experience with you!

See you soon,

The Shiseido Belgium team


I really enjoyed this exchange, receiving the testimony of the director of the non-profit organization Chèvrefeuille was extremely touching and interesting.

It is a different approach than going there and meeting people in difficulty, but it allows you to grasp a reality from a whole different point of view.

 Emmanuelle Ducarme “


“Thanks to Orfeo, I really enjoyed being immersed for a day in the reality of the non-profit sector.

I am particularly sensitive to the objective of the non-profit organization Orfeo: to disseminate art in society. I have always been convinced that art is a great tool both for building bridges between humans and for taking us away from our reality, however harsh it is.

I was overwhelmed by the testimony of the director of the Chèvrefeuille shelter. On the one hand, by her passion and dedication. On the other hand, by the life courses of those women who must rebuild themselves and rebuild everything for themselves and their children.

Finally, it was very interesting to discover the place occupied by Communa rue des Cygnes and all the associations that have settled there. It is sad to see that these non-profit organizations have to operate with so little financial means.

The small concert at the end of the day allowed us in turn to enjoy a suspended moment offered by Orfeo, conducive to introspection and reflection, thanks to the magic of music. Thank you Orfeo!

 Morgane Vermeirre ”

The Shiseido Belgium team

October 2020