FAQ Orfeo events

How does it work?

What is the role and added value of Orfeo events?


Orfeo Events guarantees the organization of a high quality service. Our social object is the diffusion and sharing of art in society. Our artists will be keen to dialogue with their audience by sharing their passion with pleasure.

For which events do the artists of Orfeo events perform ?

We participate in all types of private or corporate events.

I would like an artist to perform at my event, how do I proceed ?

You look at the catalog of Orfeo Events artists. When your choice is made you contact us indicating the place, the moment and all the details necessary for the organization of the performance.
Orfeo comes back to you to confirm the availability of the artist and the necessary practical arrangements.

I would like a different performance from what is proposed (duration, program), is it possible?

Of course, in this case you mention it in your registration.
We will inform the artist of your request and will check the possibilities and eventually an adaptation of the price.

I don't know what to choose, can Orfeo advise me?

With pleasure contact us.

I would like something very specific that is not in the catalogue, is it possible?

Yes, we have a lot of contacts in the artistic world. If it’s a specific discipline (eg circus arts), we can look for specific artists.
Of course, this must be timely requested and the preparation of a particular program may result in a price increase.

contact us.

I am an artist and would like to join Orfeo events how do I proceed ?
Are the artists of good quality?

Yes, we only work with professional-level artists, whose quality, originality and personality we value and appreciate.

Are the artists being evaluated?

Yes, we ask customers for feedback on the quality of the service and its organization.

Does Orfeo events require an exclusivity from the artists ?

No. The artists manage their other commitments as they wish but if the customers come into contact with the artists via Orfeo Events, we ask the artists to go through Orfeo Events for the organization of the performances.

Can I contact the artists directly without going through ORFEO events to pay less?

We ask artists to refuse this type of approach for the following reasons:
Orfeo Events supports the Orfeo Social project and the two projects go hand in hand. In addition, you will lose the organizational follow-up and the guarantee of a good service.

How is the payment done?

Orfeo events bills the customer and pays the artist.

Is there a deposit to pay?

When booking, the customer will pay a deposit of min €50 or 15% of the price.

How is the price fixed?

By the artists themselves, based on their experience, preparation, discipline, duration, number of artists and material needed.

is the rental of the equipment included?

The artist must set the price by including the rental and the cost of any equipment, so that the price is an overall price (excluding travel expenses).

Are travel expenses included?

The artists specify a geographical area in which they intervene without travel costs. If the performance takes place outside this area the customer will pay for the additional travel costs.

Does Orfeo events get a fee?

Yes, on the final price paid by the customer. This  fee is 15% with a minimum of €50. This fee supports the social project Orfeo Social.

Orfeo Events does not get a percentage on the artists fees.

In case of cancellation?

If the artist cancels for major serious reason (accident, sickness), Orfeo events will make every effort to find a replacement. In this case, the customer will be reimbursed the entire price.

If the customer cancels less than 2 weeks before the event, the entire price will be due.

If the customer cancels between 4 weeks and 2 weeks before the event, 50% of the price will be due.

If the customer cancels more than 4 weeks before the event, the deposit will be kept by Orfeo events.