FAQ Specific Workshops

What is a specific workshop?

It is a workshop aimed at a particular target audience and is adapted to it. The specific workshop aims to help enable people to express themselves through a particular discipline (voice, rhythm singing, movement, drawing, theater,….) The characteristic of the workshop is its participative side, unlike a performance.

What is the purpose of a specific workshop?

To propose a playful activity different from the usual ones where the involved persons are fully actors. The tools are varied but the common characteristic will be a personal exploration by means of the proposed animation.

I want to organize a specific workshop in my institution, how to proceed ?

By contacting us via the contact form, or otherwise.

Who gives the specific workshops?

 Orfeo works with qualified people experienced in a specific field and in the animation of workshops. Biographies of people are available on the workshop description.

I would like to give a specific workshop in my discipline, is that possible?

Yes, you have to contact us via the registration form.

How many people can participate in the specific workshop?

 It depends on each workshop but in general the ideal is between 15 and 20 people.

How often is it advisable to organize specific workshops?

It all depends on the available budget , but a monthly frequency is what most institutions do in order to see some evolution.

Can we do a test workshop?

Yes, though some relationships and confidence may require time to establish themselves and may require several workshops.

Can we see the premises in advance?

 Yes by agreeing to an appointment with the hosting location.

What are the values that underpin the workshop?

 Lovingkindness and non-judgment.

Other questions?