Content of the workshop:Mindfulness – EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT (mindfulness)

The Mindfulness course teaches children to develop strategies to feel better and happier, these strategies teach us to recognize and identify the emotions. The benefits of “Mindfulness” are multiple: it promotes listening to others and develops self-confidence.

The Mindfulness is for everyone! It is a practice to train oneself to be as much as possible in the present moment, intentionally and without judgment. It improves the attention, ability and concentration while having fun, it also develops the attention to the body and the breath.

OBJECTIVE: “Mindfulness” allows children and adolescents to concentrate and relax through different exercises of breathing, yoga etc., in a safe atmosphere and following a fun and age-appropriate program that shows excellent results.

Mindful-Sensorium (a journey of meaning suitable for children or adults) from 3 years
Children will further explore their senses and focus on new exploration through different materials, textures, shapes, smells, flavours, and so on.

For whom ?
Mindful-sensorium :From 3 years
o Mindfulness : From 5 years. Children group 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12 years old. Group of children with difficulties or disabilities

Number of participants:8 children

Material:graphic material, DIY material, bells, sound system (telephone / computer connection and if possible CD). If the weather is nice, we could do some exercises in nature. of the other materials that the facilitator brings for each session like: Tibetan bowl, smileys, copies of exercises etc.

Who am I ? Viviana Sanchez

I am interested in fun learning, human relations and the psychology of the human.

After my studies as a graphic designer in my country; I was intensively initiated into the world of Dance and Personal Development 15 years ago; when I arrived in Belgium I started to integrate physical exercises and meditation in movement, since I continue in exploration and in search of various techniques, currently: I am in the process of certification of Meditation and Mindfulness in Belgium.

I take great pleasure in passing on and teaching his creative experimental courses and workshops, playful sessions adapted to each child and the group, where the rhythm and spontaneity of each one are respected.

Relax, have fun and develop your own talents, for more smiles and inner happiness.

My availability:from Monday to Friday from 8h to 11H
Monday 14H-18H and Thursday 17H-18H