Children’s Entertainment

Orfeo offers artistic animations for children such as storytelling workshops, dance and body language workshops, African dance workshops and many more.


Playful Dance Workshops Mixing the game, the rhythm, and the meaning of the celebration.
These workshops aim to support the development of the child and encourage him to get to know himself better, to gain self-confidence, to develop his creativity and his freedom, as well as to enrich his expressiveness by exploring the relationship to oneself, to others and to the world.

We will also work on the rhythm, important for any dance, which is in a way the setting, the warrant of our dance.

The notion of a group is important in order to promote play together, solidarity, respect, good manners, and celebrate joy together.

Depending on the evolution of the group, a small choreography inspired by children’s movements can be created with a moment dedicated to improvisation.

My dance career is very eclectic, but it has always accompanied me since I was little by moving from rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, Argentine tango, rock and roll to salsa.

I have also practiced African percussion for 10 years and introduced myself to southern Italian percussion.

It has been 6 years now that I have been taking Gypsy Duende, Oriental Duende and Danza Duende courses within the ASBL Mudriam (Danza Duende Belgium – I am part of an amateur dance company of gypsy inspiration: the FRENEZA JUPOJ (crazy skirts in Esperanto).

I have also led female dance lessons at the Maison des Femmes in Schaerbeek.

Working with children has always attracted me because during my youth, I led different groups of children in a youth movement, as well as organized environmental awareness workshops. I have a certificate in eco-pedagogy, focused on environmental education.

I currently teach a dance class for children aged 6 to 8 in extracurricular activties at the Saint-Joseph school in Boondael. and dance workshops for homeless children in collaboration with the SAMU social.

Duration of the workshop: 1 hour

Price: €150

Bajla shares with us his poetic universe. This trip is also an opportunity to discover different musical instruments with softness and poetry. Bajla adapts her story to suit the ages of the children.

1) Initiation to the rhythms and sounds of the body + on instrument
2) Learning songs from different cultures
3) Expression of emotions through voice, music
4) Discovery of classical and unusual instruments (from the guitar to the hang drum)
5) Tales where the child participates
6) Transcribe in drawing the lyrics / story of a song
7) Feel the height of the sounds
8) Dancing on different tempos and different styles of music
9) Instrument manufacturing
10) Creation of rhymes / poems in music

My name is Bajla, mother of a 6-year-old child, I work as a physiotherapist and nutritherapy and a musical enlightenment facilitator. I am also trained in art therapy including music therapy and prenatal singing. I studied lyric singing during 10 years in the music academy and sang in musical projects as a soloist and in a rock band I gave a lot of singing lessons after my studies of physiotherapist following my end of study work on the benefits of singing for breath and heart. I trained recently at the Art du Conte and I practice storytelling during open stages and during musical awakening classes. I love working with children because they have a lot of beauty to offer and a communicative joy that moves me.

Duration of the workshop: Between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the age of the children

For Who? Children from 4 to 10 years

Number of participants: 10 maximum

Appropriate the lyrics of a French song and tell them in groups, group play, singing, rhythm, dance. On the whole day, we create an entire show with 3 songs and theatrical play scenes that link the songs together. All created with children.

Hélène was born in France, in a family formed by immigration. Andalusia, Sicily, Scotland, England, France
His attraction to music, dance and the visual arts in general is encouraged and supported by his parents. She will follow various training in singing, piano, solfege and dance throughout her life and will graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Lorient in 2004.

Between 2003 and 2009, several collaborations with performing artists will shape his perception of the body, its relationship to Time, Space and the Other. She will be passionate about scenography, decorative painting, performance, street entertainment …

From 2006 until 2015, flamenco will take an increasingly important place in his artistic life, with his trips back and forth between Belgium and Spain to study with artists and masters such as Coral Vados, Federico Ordonez, Marisol Valderama, Juana Amaya, to name only the most regular.

His collaboration between 2012 and 2015 with the jazz flamenco group Trovadotres, in Brussels, will enable him to tame the stage as a soloist and to create many choreographies and rhythmic arrangements with the complicity and the unwavering confidence of Louis Henry, the leader and composer of the group.

During this time, a decisive meeting will allow him to deepen his approach and to free himself from all styles to enter the authenticity of his artistic path and the Breath of his love for the Dance.

In 2014, she discovered the richness of the choreophic teachings of Yumma Mudra and Michel Raji, which she practices constantly until today, through her research and artistic creations and the workshops that she has since given to various audiences.

It offers intensive workshops around rhythm (often flamenco), a work of body awareness, space and rhythm, to release its authentic movement while remaining anchored in its center.

Currently, her workshops are hosted at Mudriam School (, and she is also a member of the international art network Danza Duende Network (, initiated by Yumma Mudra.

She also works with children to create musicals (School of the Stage).
But her most cherished and most rewarding experience as a teacher and artist is the rhythm movement workshop she proposed at the Le Code de l’Equipe (Brussels) day center, thanks to the trust Anne Nouwynck and her collaborators. To release the movement thanks to the rythm and the pulsation common between the members of the group and the music to observe gradually the people out of their inhibitions.

She decided to go back to higher education as a specialized educator to register her work in this field and enrich her experiences.

His most recent artistic and scenic collaborations are:
• Oriental music ensemble Tarabella and singer Noria Zaman, with dancers and colleagues Ninon Robin and Sandra Vanoverberghe (Mudriam and Duendenetwork)
• Trovadotres, jazz flamenco
• Kali Sara, flamenco, gypsy jazz, Balkan music
• Boxon Recital, texts by Maïa Chauvier and world music
• In 2015, a duo collaboration with saxophonist Vincen Robin gives birth to the show Luz-A-zuL.

For Who? For children between 8 and 14 years old

Duration of the workshop and price:– 2h / € 300 (a choreographed song),
– the half day / € 400(1 to 2 songs with improvisation game),
– the whole day with the necessary breaks / €500 .