-Content of the workshop: The dance is a sport and an art, also a beautiful way to express itself and to be entertained for many people of all ages, it is also a way to stay in good shape and in good health!
Dancing is used to let off steam and fight the routine and monotony that characterizes the daily lives of many people.
Advantages and reasons to dance:

  • Against stress and Depression, against Alzheimer’s : It has been proven that dancing can help fight depression and improve self-esteem and self-esteem, which is very important, especially when you know how much depression is present in adolescents or adults of all ages. Dance is a social activity, and studies have shown that socialization and strong bonds with friends lead to high self-esteem and a positive attitude.
  • For more flexibility and endurance, for intelligence and memory
  • For a boost of energy : By following a dance program every week, we could improve the physical performance and the energy level of our body.
  • To lose weight : Weight loss is one of the effects that dancing can have on our body.
  • To be happy : In general, people wear a big smile when they dance.
  • For the heart : The dance could be beneficial for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

RESULT: More joy, good mood & smiles

1 / Dance:

1. Initiation to dance (the basics of dance):
o Concept: The introductory dance course offers a gentle body preparation for the movement. This course is recommended for children, teens or people a little shy who want to express themselves through their body without pressure, without judgment and gently.

Music and dance – artistic practices with many benefits: improved concentration, confidence and self-esteem; stimulation of motor skills, development of adaptive capacity in a group. The benefits of dance affect health, morale and strengthen memory and logical mind (allows to create new connections nerves).

 OBJECTIVE: This mixture of expression and movement through rhythms and steps will allow to work all parts of the body as well as body consciousness; the result will be the ability to express oneself spontaneously through individual body language, in addition to feeling freer and happier.

 HARDWARE: Sono (telephone / computer connection and if possible CD). For students: comfortable clothes: sports, leggings or training.

From 6 years old. Children group 6-8 and 9-12 years old. Group teens, adults, children-parents. Group of children with difficulties or disabilities

2. BELLY DANCE-FITNESS The Belly Dance-Fitness workshop offers girls a mix of dance and sports. Belly Dance also develops femininity gently and allows a complete body work; especially at the hips, abdominal belt and lumbar pelvic area. Combined with Fitness, it allows cardio routines that provide muscle tone to the rhythms of the East and work the muscles!

Fitness – physical activity that generally brings vitality, but also a general well-being and works-the muscles. This Dance corrects the body posture and improves self-esteem through insulation movements that work the whole body, we will result in a working muscles while dancing as well as a positive energy explosion by losing peas.

 MATERIAL: The presenter brings dance belts. sound (telephone / computer connection and if possible CD).

 From 9 years old. Children group 9-12 years old. Group teens 13-18 years old, adults and group moms-girls.

2 / Dance and well-being:

1 Creative Dance (Movement-Expression Mix)

Concept: The Creative Dance Course offers children the opportunity to develop imagination and creative ability. This dance offers them an ideal fulfilment thanks to the discovery of a new form of expression, integrating also notions of bodily expression, rhythmic and psychomotricity often with a specific theme. The Creative Dance is a free dance, spontaneous without predetermined rules, this dance is an excellent preparation for all styles of dance and that opens the potentialities of each one where they are stimulated by a creative process that works the sensitive part of the body and provides a physical, psychic and emotional well-being. This dance makes it possible to develop the capacities of expression, communication and creativity of toddlers, they are led to explore the various components of the dance: the body, the space, the time etc. So children have the chance to develop and increase awareness and bodily-space relationship to work

2 DANCE-BRAIN GYM Brain Gym – a set of simple and fun movements that promote brain integration and allow the learner to recover or expand one’s learning abilities. The Brain Gym is for the child as well as the teenager or the adult. It is, in its broadest application, a remarkably useful tool in schools and other areas of life. It can help fight attention problems and also against Dysgraphy, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, as well as against delays in Psychomotricity.
 The main goal is to improve attention; this activity promotes good mood and makes the learning environment more effective

From 7 years old. Children’s group 7-9, 10-12 years old, teens 13-18 years old, adults & children with difficulties or disabilities

-For whom ? Children / Teens / Adults

-Number of participants: 15 children

-Who am I ? Viviana Sanchez

I am interested in fun learning, human relations and the psychology of the human.
After my studies as a graphic designer in my country, I was intensively initiated into the world of Dance and Personal Development 15 years ago; when I arrived in Belgium I started to integrate physical exercises and meditation in movement, since I continue in exploration and in search of various techniques, currently: I am in the process of certification of Meditation and Mindfulness in Belgium.

I take great pleasure in passing on and teaching his creative experimental courses and workshops, playful sessions adapted to each child and the group, where the rhythm and spontaneity of each one are respected. Relax, have fun and develop your own talents, for more smiles and inner happiness.

-My availability: Monday to Friday from 8h to 11h
Monday 14H-18H and Thursday 17H-18H