Workshop Content: Transcendanse Workshop: When Art and Awakening walk together. Dance workshop and free expression to express the emotions by the body.

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duration of the workshop: 1 hour

For whom ? Elderly people, disoriented and demented people

The facilitator:

Olga Esteban is a dancer, choreographer, coach, pedagogue and body and energetic therapist.

After a long training in performing arts, physical theater and contemporary dance, her interest in the body and the human being, along with her personal impulse of transcending self and transcendence, lead her to follow different trainings in energetic therapies. She then focused for seven years on the search for movement and body memory.

This deepening of the body acquired over the years resulted in the creation of “Through the Chrysalis”, solo performance with live music presented in 2016 at the De Markten Cultural Center.

Olga develops two parallel paths:
–  One is artistic with the creation and interpretation of performances that bring together Art and Awakening.
–  The other is pedagogical and therapeutic where she guides people towards the liberation of the physical and subtle memories of the body, which prevent the blossoming of the Self.

Simultaneously, Olga has collaborated with other artists as a dancer and choreographer and has participated in many multidisciplinary projects.
Living in Brussels since 2012, Olga teaches classes and workshops in dance, movement and body theater, notably at the Espace Catastrophe, at the De Markten Cultural Center, Ateliers de Temps Libre / Wolubilis, at the Belgian Sensitive Massage School and at the Taichi School of Woluwé Saint-Lambert, as well as classes for children at the European School of Uccle and workshops targeted at women’s audiences at the House of Women in Schaerbeek, among others by accompanying them to the awakening and listening deeply to the body.

The contribution of Olga today through her creations and workshops is to inspire and awaken the importance of art in our society as a direct way of transcendence, as well as to accentuate the expression of who is unifying art and body awareness as a starting point to better inhabit our bodies and express our creative potential. The main purpose of this approach is to guide the human being to be more participative and more aware of his responsibility as an actor in the society of which he is part.

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