Content of the workshop: Initiation to pole dance

Pole dance is a sport and artistic discipline which consists of dancing around a vertical bar and doing acrobatic figures. It developed in the 2000s in fitness and dance halls and is currently experiencing great success because it combines many advantages: physical challenge, both in strength and flexibility, improved self-confidence, musical expression and personal fulfilment.

Sister of the Chinese mast in the circus world, she has her own vocabulary which never ceases to evolve by dint of experimentation and therefore has enormous creative potential if we go beyond the clichés.


Duration of the workshop: 1 hour


For who ? For all physically fit


Number of participants: Depending on age groups and logistics 5 to 9 participants (see below)


Practical organization: – Option 1: indoors, in a room with a solid (concrete) ceiling between 2.50m and 3m high

or with a supporting beam. False ceilings are not suitable.

→ use of bars which hold by opposite thrust between the floor and the ceiling

number of people: 9 max with 3 bars


– Option 2: indoors, in rooms over 3m high or outdoors

→ use of a single freestanding bar with podium

number of people: 5 maximum with the podium


Logistics: parking for equipment transport van and easy flat access or lift (if necessary for a hand truck with wheels)


Teacher : Sarah Cavenaile

Sarah Cavenaile who created the first pole dance school in Brussels in 2009, is four times Belgian champion of pole dance and finalist of the world championship in 2013. Eager to mix pole dance and other performing arts, she has staged 6 colorful shows with around thirty dancers, it organized the Pole Fusion Festival from 2004 to 2007 as well as the Belgian pole dance championship from 2016 to 2019.

She has performed in many sporting, cultural and artistic events, she has been invited in several television programs and recently shared the stage with Chantal Ladesou and the Taloche brothers during the Rire de Liège festival. Specializing in performances in public space since 2020,

She is in perpetual search for the creation of links between her art, the public and the place of the performance. It is available for solo, indoor or outdoor performances as well as for initiation workshops or more advanced private lessons.