Workshop Content : Psycho-Body Expression Workshop: Accepting oneself with love and benevolence
This workshop will be a space of freedom to value and accept onself without judgment in joy and openness to onself and the others.

At the individual level, this workshop seeks the development of imagination, the pleasure of playing, improvisation, spontaneity and creativity through dance and body language. The result is an enrichment of daily activities and personal development. In addition, it learns to find deeper forms of communication that go beyond verbal language, allowing another encounter with others.

At the collective level, body expression helps to discover the mechanisms of functioning of different human groups: work teams, students, retirement home residents, people with a difficult past, etc. The physical and sensorial experimentation is privileged beyond a mere intellectual analysis.

Duration of the workshop : 1 hour

For whom ? Elderly persons, women in distress, children

Price : € 150

The host : Leticia Noël Jiménez Sotelo

Leticia is an artist and therapist. She studied drama in Madrid at the Estudio Juan Codina School, and is an oriental dancer. She has participated in many meditation, voice and dance workshops (funky, hip hop, contemporary dance).

She was also trained in Reiki Therapy at My Holistic Healing School Book by Támas Pataki and as an uterine healer by Inés Gaia.

She is currently training as a yoga teacher and is pursuing a painting project in the field of therapy.

She is adept of self-healing through love and tenderness as an instrument for listening to oneself and expanding understanding with others in sharing and joy for full acceptance of her person.

Her workshops promote the full expression of feeling by freeing it by exhalation; sounds, laughter and tears in authenticity and benevolence.