The purpose of this slam workshop is to open spaces for speech, expression and creativity to address, among other things, themes related to violent radicalization, as well as citizenship, while constantly questioning the place of each one within its places of belonging as well family, school as society.

Duration of the workshop: 1 hour or 2 hours with break depending on the target audience.

For whom ? Elderly persons
Children – Teenagers

The host: Abdeslam El Manzah

Abdeslam El Manzah is an educator by training, he worked more than 15 years in the community and for prevention services, he is a cultural animator and mediator in a theater of the French community. In addition, he is an artist and an urban poet:
“Heart and rhymes! “Rapper, slammer … poet too!

“For twenty years, the Belgian artist Manza has been declining his rich musical and artistic career in all shades and rhymes. A pioneer of urban arts since their appearance in the city of Brussels, he has since crossed many rap and slam scenes across the country but also likes to multiply bridges to other artistic universes such as poetry. With his straightforward smile, he admits taking pleasure in foiling labels, decompartmentalizing the arts, audiences and fighting easy clichés. This nuanced personnality explored in his career and writing, the artist also intends to question young people through his job as an educator and the many slam workshops he leads.
Info on:
             “Manza, Passeur d’expression” – CBAI Production

Photos taken during workshops given by Grég (replacement for Manza) at school without worry: Carefree school slam workshop