Alcheme – French song

From the discovery of a mysterious grave engraved with the name of Alcheme, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, our enchantress comes back from a distance.

A solar romantic with a sweet, suave voice, the feathers of his raven are a symbol, and each a story. A man turns into a flower, a black cat comes out of the mirror, enter the dance !

Alcheme takes us on her past and inward journeys, from Brussels to Potsdam, from Barcelona to the lands of Africa, a spiritual quest in search of love … It seems that she can even suspend time …

Some pieces of magic music that turn the lead into the gold wing in the heart …

The alchemy of Alcheme.



  • 2 pieces and 1 clip can be sent on request for promotional purposes.

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30 min or 1h

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on request of the technical sheet

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