A new Sensation between Past, Present & Future, With a unique sound style: R’n’Rock (Rhythm & Rock).

After 2 albums, BBB is back with a brand new Hit Single before an upcoming new Album

BBB has been working for about a year to create a unique sound, an original style, a signature & also a visual experience for each upcoming single.

Every music tells a story, BBB takes us on a trip through the soul of Music and the magic of the screen.

Musiciens :

JP Devox:Lead Guitars, Programming

Jayden de Malzine: Vocals, Back Vocals

Remo Spezza:Drums, Beat Making

Colin Petit: Bass


Jayden :

23 years on the journey of music…

Singing is like the air I breathe, it’s everywhere & a fundamental need,

There are 3 events that changed my artistic life: the ROCKSTAR audition with the famous Band INXS ; my participation in “THRILLER Live Musical” in London … & an evening spent with Lenny Kravitz! The road was laid out for me . BBB is the perfect mix between good old rock and our Pop-R’n’Rock personnal recipe

I came back from London with a goal: Join a Band and make Hits !

It’s a great adventure starting here…

JP :

JP Devox began his musical career in 1980 in various bands. After a first E.P. in 1988 (Vox Populi), 9 albums for several different labels (Viva Disc, Run Run Netherlands, yeah yeah yeah Records USA, Concept Records…) followed with different bands (Da Familia, Shah Mat, JJ Dogs,…) as guitarist or drummer or singer/guitarist or even artistic producer.

“Rock’n Roll forever because I can’t do anything else”.

Remo :

Italian drummer and producer. He currently lives in Belgium where he founded MonMonday.

He has collaborated with numerous other bands including Vascover.be, Kongs, Soultrip and Bunny Black Bones.

Colin :

Coming from a family of musicians and music lovers, I started playing bass at the age of 14. Self-taught, I took my first steps on the double bass with The Last Row (350 concerts). Since 2014 I am the bassist of Country Cooking, rock’n’roll group.

At the start of 2020, I joined bUNNY bLACK bONES and immediately recorded their new single “Soft Machine”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h7VJ1RXDgc

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