Claudia Nunes🌟 – aerial fabric

Aerial circus dancer, theatrical, atypical singer, poetic creator …

Creation in dance and aerial fabric and sensory and sensory workshops : I compose shows mixing various artistic forms such as dance, theater, aerial acrobatics, music, visual arts, spontaneous acts, in situ performances … My creations visit poetic, sensitive and touching universes related to the depths of being.

As a pedagogue of artistic and sensory body methods, coach and therapist…

I develop personal skills by creating a system composed of physical, artistic and philosophical methods based on several axes: creativity, attention, concentration, relaxation, breath and knowledge of body and mind.






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Additional information

Performance without additional travel costs:


Materials needed on site (sound, lighting or other):

– Dance: sound and lighting if necessary

– Aerial fabric: a 100kg resistant point of contact: sound and lighting if necessary

Material provided by the artist:

Air fabric, costumes, music, …

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

A stable and smooth floor, suitable for barefoot and a private space for preparation

– For dance: a minimum space of 3m on 3m

– For the aerial cloth: a possibility to fix the cloth at least at 3 meter high.


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