D’Ouest en Ouest – west african music

From West to Westis a Brussels trio (Balafon, soprano saxophone, double bass) interpreting West African standards.

At a time of globalization when cultural references are vague and identities are multiple, many people are tempted to withdraw into themselves through claims and affirmations of identity. Why, then, play music that is foreign to us ? And why not look elsewhere for a better anchor here ! This is the answer that the trio from West to West wanted to bring by taking inspiration from traditional music from West Africa as a horizon while using improvisation as a vanishing line.

We have a trio formula with a balafon player (“African piano”), a bass player, and a saxophonist. This is the base formula (videos below).
The complete formula works in addition to Aboubakar Traore: a griot (player Kamele N’goni, Kora and singer) from Burkina Faso and Sophie Legrelle, a designer who symbolically illustrates live the songs played by the group.






Additional information



Performance without transportation fees :


Equipment required on site:

if the place is small we can play without sound.
if need of sound system:
Balafon: 2 micro SM 57,
Soprano Saxophone: Sennheiser MD 421,
Double bass: Bass amp alone or connectable to the mixer and speakers.
Sound with 3 returns on stage, mixer with effects.

Material brought by the artist:

the instruments as well as a sound system if needed with additional renting fees


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