Dounia 🌟 – indian dancer, neo tribal and oriental fusion

Indian dances (Bharatantyam and Bollywood), Neo Tribal and oriental fusion.

Possibility of performance with Live Music (Oud, percussions). – Dounia is an Indian dancer. Trained in Bharatanatyam by Lucia Anjali (Kalavati Asbl), an emblematic figure of classical South Indian dance in Belgium, she has practiced Bollywood since her childhood. She had the opportunity to learn from great Indian and contemporary dancers (Anika Tribal Voodoo, Illan Rivière (OMM), Abilash Ningappa, etc.). Since 2016, she has performed at various national and international festivals, and private events.
In 2017, it is the meeting with Tristan Driessens, and in 2018, a first collaboration takes shape within the framework of the Tribal Voodoo Festival, organized by Anika Tribal Voodoo.
Since September, she has been organizing the very first Indian Dance Lab ‘in Liège, an artistic mediation space dedicated to Indian dances.
Dounia merges genres. Her dance offers modes of intuitive expression, imbued with classical Indian and contemporary dance.


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Additional information

Performance without additional travel costs:

All Belgium.

Equipment needed on site:

Loudspeaker for music, mp3 players

Material provided by the artist:

costumes, candles, incense, decorative objects.

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

clean floor adapted for dancing on bare feet otherwise please specify


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