Ensemble Vibrations – classical music (flutes)

Flute septet

The repertoire of the Vibrations Ensemble is continually enriched with original works or transcribed for the ensemble. We travel through eras and styles, combining contemporary with baroque music or with traditional melodies and jazz all collectively revisited.
One element closely unites this colorful repertoire: the breath …

Breath that gives life to the sound, breath that sometimes sighs and murmurs, sometimes lifts, carries off, unleashes and sweeps the horizons, leaving behind a transfigured material … Meeting of breaths, several flutes and joy of shared music !
The Vibrations Ensemble is recognized and subsidized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, via its cultural service Tournees Art and Life, and is reference to the catalog Art and Life in the section Professional classical music (code STAR 7840).

  • Repertoire :

    • Baroque works :

G.P. Telemann: transcriptions (by Eric Leleux) for flute quartet fantasies for flute alone.
Dietrich Buxtehude: transcription (by Eric Leleux) for septet of transverse flutes of the chaconne in E minor for organ.

    • Contemporary works:

      Arnould Massart: Twelve Little Mysteries

    • Traditional music and jazz :

      Geamparele – trad. Romanian

      Koriedzeki – trad. Turkish

      Polskas – trad. Swedish

      Strange Meeting – Bill Frisell

      Saga of Harrison Crabfeather – Steve Kuhn

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Equipment needed on site:

Two tables (+ -1m by 1m50) covered with a black cloth to be able to lay our various instruments during the concert. Two chairs are also required, some musicians play seated during the concert. The stage space must be large enough to accommodate the 7 flutists in a curve and lighting must allow to create a separate space between artists and the public.

Materials brought by the artists:

the instruments


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