Etoile Musette : “C’est l’histoire de la valse musette”


Etoile Musette: “This is the story of the musette waltz” which is a story of the birth of the musette style resulting from the meeting between the Auvergne, Italian and Gypsy communities … We also give Bal Musette from the 1930s, bal with paper lanterns. We sometimes suggest that people come dressed for the occasion: vintage floral dresses for the ladies, suspenders, newsboy caps for the gentlemen… A visual spectacle for us too ! It is possible to initiate the public to the dance. We then invite a dance master with a lavalier microphone who trains people with some basics explained, it’s fun and it allows the shy ones to get into the ball.

More targeted, more song-oriented performances are also being done, we share the lyrics of a few songs, as was done in the old days when songbooks were sold , so that the public would join the musicians.

Number of pers. 3(Raquel Gigot – Dick Van Der Harst – Arnaud Degimbe)





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The transport costs are calculated according to the domicile of each one and we do not all live in BXL.


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