Freneza Jupoj 🌟 – gypsy dance

Dance group

Freneza Jupoj (crazy skirts in Esperanto) are 6 dancers of origins, ages and different personalities. They share a passion for music and dance Rom, and their desire to fly their skirts ! They love to improvise but also make their own choreographies on slow and fast β€œGypsy” music: some in specific Roma dance style others in their own style fusion (oriental, tango, contemporary). in a formation of 6, duo or trio, their dances are a tribute to life, acelebration of the present moment to share with the public.



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Additional information

Performance without transportation fees :


Equipment required on site:

speakers to connect a jack, bluetooth.

Material provided by the artist:

music playlist, accessories, costumes.

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

Minimum space of 20 m2, if the group is complete.


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