Hapa Haole Vestibule

Hapa Haolé Vestibule is the gateway to Hawaii sauce songs as you have rarely heard. Taste our mix of Hawaiian music, swing, blues, tango and French chanson. We hope you’ll have good !

When they had crossed each other in this little vestibule, Octave, Arpege, and Anacrouse did not know what they were going to discover when they crossed the door to the worm-eaten doorway. Equipped with a ukulele, a steel guitar, a Mexican guitar and their curious voices, they dared to enter the universe hapa haole. This term is used in Hawaii for miscegenation or even “batarsity”. Very early in their journey, they embarked Sigh, which crossed the canal in its contrabassine.

Our four pidgin then sailed to Honolulu, and have since been sailing through the hoop worlds, the rich Parisian tango in Argentina penniless swing, blues funny to sad ballads. And of these trips, Hapa Haolé Vestibule brings back in its suitcases melodies and stories that will make you take Brussels for an island …

  • Bruno Gontier, aka Arpège (lapsteel, vocals)
  • David De Bel, aka Octave (ukulele, vocals)
  • Simon Breux, aka Soupir (contrabassine, vocals)
  • Hervé De Brouwer, aka Anacruz (guitar, vocals)


Link: https://hapahaolevestibule.bandcamp.com/releases

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Additional information


90 min

Prestation sans frais de déplacement supplémentaires :


Materials needed on site (sound, lighting or other):

access to current if need to amplify, otherwise nothing, we play acoustic

Material provided by the artist:

amplification according to necessity

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

drinks and meals for musicians


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