Les Heureux Moments – classical music (flutes)

“Archipel” show, by Les Heureux Moments, flutes duet.

Concert-show staged by an actress, conceived as the discovery of a string of islands, each island corresponding to one or more works; by approaching a new island, a new landscape can be discovered …

Modern and baroque flute, piccolo, viola and bass flute, duet as solo, tunes of today, tunes of yesteryear, refined and shimmering sounds …

Music, often played by heart, transports us from one universe to another …


Link : https://heureuxmoments.wixsite.com/lesheureuxmoments





Additional information



Equipment needed on site:

A depth of plateau of 4 meters minimum. An opening of 7 meters minimum. A possibility of lighting with variation of the intensities is desirable but not obligatory.

Material provided by the artist:



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