Les visiteurs du vendredi 13 – jazz musette and songs

Jazz musette and songs

The group (2 accordions / pianist, 1 double bass, a saxophone, 1 guitar and 1 drummer) declines its repertoire according to the audience.

Jazz musette, French songs (Trenet, Lapointe, Barbara, Béranger, Gainsbourg etc.…) Jazz standards, instruments, and songs, are part of the world of “visitors” who come to visit you.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKN67Zw0P8M






Additional information


2 x 45 min

Performance without transportation fees :

Brussels and Wallonia

Material to be provided by the place of delivery:

space of 5mx3m

Material provided by the artist:

sound and amp

Technical requirements, space required, …:



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