Music’Âmes – musical tales

(creation on request depending on theme)

Isabelle Patouxis a Cré ‘Actrice de Possibles:

as a storyteller, she loves to open everyone’s imagination and invite young and old children to discover emotions just like other universes – in and around oneself. She likes to dig up the strange and the beauty hidden where it is not expected, to offer her benevolence and her smile … and to repeat: “Everything is possible … it is enough to dare to be creator. “

Marie Franquet fell in love with music from an early age. Passionate about the magic of sounds, she became a professional musician. She likes to share with the public the vibrating universe of her sound companions and to embarq on a journey where music, imagination and well-being intertwine. Her favorite quote is that of Oscar Wilde: “Music puts the soul in harmony with all that exists.”

The magic of social networks put in contact these two artists … who decided to associate their universes to better make them vibrate and go to sow glitter in the imagination of each one … thanks to the musical tales! And so the duo “Music’Âmes”was born in 2018.
Since then, “Music’Âmes” has already performed at the “Narr’Athives” festival in Ath in December 2018 and the Hybrid Festival in March 2019.

Shows currently on tour:

– The crazy adventures of Pitol (20 min, family audience from 3 to 99 years old)
– The tales of my teapot (20-60 min, family audience from 6 to 99 years old)
Creation on demand possible, with longer reservation period.






Additional information


20-60 min, several possible representations on the same day

Performance without additional travel expenses:

Mons, Ath, Chièvres, Borinage, …

Equipment required on site (sound system, lighting or other):

Stage lighting, benches / chairs to seat the public, a box for 2 artists, catering if several services on the same day.

Material provided by the artist:

Musical instruments, decorative elements (fabrics, carpets, cushions, candle holders and LED garlands, …) The activity requires a space to install the artists and must allow to sit 30- 40 people (benches or cushions on the ground) around them. The room will preferably have the public arc-de-cercle. The frontal arrangement will be chosen for want of better if the space is too small. Length X Width (minimum required for the space): 4m X 3m.

The story is played in a quiet environment or in a place where silence is possible to allow the spectators a comfortable listening. The place must be without sound (radio, speakers, …) – failing that, it must be extinguished for the duration of the show. The luminous intensity of the lighting should ideally be able to be reduced and / or the partially obscured windows to give a cozy atmosphere to the place of reception. Artists bring extra lights (lanterns, garlands, ….).


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