Ninon Robin 🌟 – dance / theater, storytelling

Dance performance, dance / theater, storytelling.

World dances, tales, theater …

Body and sensitive workshops …

Ninon offers a multitude of possibilities and colors, energies of joy and celebration, or of depth, as needed.

Current creations:

  • • Gypsy dances, contemporary, or fusion, to share joy or sweetness.
    She can offer solo shows, or creations in collaboration with other dancers.
  • • A tale that has become poetic and initiatory under his pen: “The Young Girl and the Tiger”. Told, danced, and sung. With musician Yovanny Adarsh ​​(composer, guitar, sitar).
  • • Show in homage to Federico Garcia Lorca, text by Ninon and ance by Hélène Gulizzi.
  • • Her ritual performed and danced, “the Ritual of Lilith”.
    Deep, intense, poetic, inspired by the poem by Joumana Haddad, a few sentences by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and her own pen.
    A ritual to respond to the creative forces that animate Art, Life.

Current collaborations with musicians:

She is a solo dancer in the groups :

  • • “O’tchalaï” gypsy music from the East and Russians.
  • • “Makara” rock-groove-jazz fusion music and Indian and oriental notes, where merges contemporary, Indian, flamenco dance …

About Ninon

Ninon likes challenges : her “chameleon” side allows her to respond to different requests.
This is to thank to her numerous theatrical studies, in particular at the Brest conservatory (2007-2010 Certificate in Theatrical Studies and improvement) and the international school of movement theater Lassaad, Lecoq pedagogy (2010-2012), among others.

Passionate about several scenic arts, she was marked by the sensory clown with Claudia Nottale, worked Tai Chi Chuan, singing … etc.

She has supported and assisted in staging for creations with people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Her creations with amateurs include in-depth body work with his actor-dancers. (As on the dance and clown show “Gravité # 1”, presented in Brittany, “dit de danse” and “entrendanse” festivals).

Everything she was looking for, a human art, good for herself and for others, she found in Danza Duende.

This school consists in “dancing your life, living your dance”, created by Yumma Mudra, then enriched the teaching of Michel Raji.

She joined it around October 2012 and graduated Professor Duende in 2017.

She has been guiding the weekly Duende laboratory for 3 years.

She sometimes also hosts “Open Arts, artistic Spanish inn” in this context, so that everyone who wishes can share one’s own art with confidence.

What motivates her to do this is this poetry which reveals itself, in a simple way, always different and surprising in each and everyone.

It is this artistic expression of the soul that she considers the greatest human treasure.

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Additional information


30 min.

Performance without additional travel costs:


Equipment needed on site:

Sound system for shows. Lighting according to the projects. Sometimes flower petals to poetically delineate the stage / audience space, depending on the space.
Workshops : There may be material needs such as yogas mats, or blankets, tennis balls, cushions, or one or more candles with a secure candle holder. Sheets, felts, depending on the workshop.

Material provided by the artist:

Sound system for workshops.

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

A private space to prepare.


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