Noria Zaman 🌟 – Amazigh music from northern Morocco

Amazigh music from Northern Morocco

(World Music style) accompanied by acoustic instruments (Flute, Cajon Violin, Counter Bass and / or Guitar).

Noria Zaman is a Belgian-Moroccan singer-songwriter passionate about music and especially Rifain singing (Amazigh of Northern Morocco) who composes most of her repertoire. It is in the sharing and transmission of this musical heritage dear to her where she draws her strength and inspiration to nourish her love of music.

Theme: β€œCome, get settled, let me sing you, tell you stories tinted by the world of the Rifan women. I invite you to discover an intimist musical experience, a world where you will travel rocked by the sweet melodies of mountain singing. β€œ


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Additional information

Performance without additional travel costs:


Equipment needed on site:

Mixer with speakers and 2 to 3 speakers back.
Noria Zaman: (Amazigh music): Singing: 1 microphone with foot,
Flute: 1 microphone with foot,
Violin: 1 microphone with foot and a DY,
Cajon: 1 microphone with foot,
Double bass: 1 DY,
Guitar: 1DY

Material provided by the artist:

the instruments.


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