Saouta – Celtic, Arabic, Indian and jazz music

Saxophone trio oud tabla

The world of Saouta, result of an imaginary fed by Celtic, Arabic, Indian and jazz music, is an ode to travel, to the moment, to the passing breath.

An oud, tablas, a soprano saxophone: the three voices intertwine. They speak through their intonations and their different colors. Saouta (sax, oud, tabla) travels through a repertoire of original compositions inspired by various musical traditions (Celtic, Arabic, Indian).

With its great share of improvisation and musical freedom, the trio’s music remains intimately linked to jazz.








Additional information


a concert of 1h30 or two sets of 45 minutes.

Performance without additional travel costs:


Equipment required on site:

– Soprano Saxophone: Sennheiser MD 421,
– Oud: 1 Shure Sm 57,
– Tablas: 3 Shure Sm 57,
PA with 3 returns on stage,
mixer with effects.

Material brought by the artist:

The instruments

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

provide meals and drinks.


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