The Slippery Slippers was formed in 2019.

It all started with an idea of Tobias and his friend Ben. The “weird” Toby has been nurtured in classical music, and there are thousands of strange surprises hidden in his mind. Common and casual is his personality. His friend Ben is a hot “rock and roll-er” who wanted to explore some other styles of music.

So when Tobias and Ben got together, the amazing auditory impact was so brilliantly sublimated. The band’s repertoire combines Soul, Funk & Fusion.

After a while, The Slippery Slippers wanted a new sound to add more icing on the cake! So they asked Chinese singer, Sherry Xie, to join them.

Sherry is a well-known singer in Shanghai. As lead singer, she was seen on several tv shows as well as performed together with a long list of Asian artists.

When listening to The Slippery Slippers, you can be feel the collision of the groove & melody.

Most recently they have been joined by the ultra groovy Jonas Sanders on drums (Pro Pain) as well as the all-round Tenor Saxophonist, Elias Schiva.

This “new” All-Star Band from Europe/China has been well received everywhere they set foot.

They were invited in November 2019 to play on the Chinese version of Montreux Festival in Hangzhou, CN.

Their inspiration comes from daily live as well as bands/artists such as: Steely Dan, Jamiroquai, Vulfpeck, Incognito, Snarky Puppy, Brand New Heavies, Earth, Wind & Fire, Erykah Badu, etc.




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