Vinette Léa

contemporary dance

I am a professional contemporary dancer. I can offer several dance performances. It is possible to improvise with a musician or with another dancer for a specific project for example.

I will describe my dance as sensitive, delicate, lively and present. The public plays a role in the evolution of the play and the proposed interactions. Depending on its responsiveness, the way that improvisation is received surprises can happen.

One of my works: a solo: ‘Lost dance‘.

This solo is inspired by texts from the book ‘The Origin of Dance’by Pascal Quignard, and extracts from ‘Stabat Mater’ by Pergolesi. I created the first version of this solo in February 2018 in residence at ArtEZ. It is “written”, there is no improvisation. This dance evokes intuition, detachment, and the illogical. “I dance the music, silently. The music speaks. My movements resonate when I am still. This dance is sensitive and delicate, also seeking to surprise and bring the audience to be in the present moment.


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Additional information


25-30 minutes (this can adapt to the request)

Performance without additional travel costs:

Brussels and Ghent, everywhere in Belgium (extra: 20€).

Equipment needed on site:

one device for sound and two lights

Material provided by the artist:

costume, objects for dancing

Technical requirements, space required, other conditions:

Dance has the advantage of adapting to spaces. It is therefore in dialogue with the claimants of benefits that I can see what is possible. The smaller the space, the more intimate and delicate the dance will be. The larger the space, the more dynamic and ample the dance will be.


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