Content of the workshop: Sensitive workshops inspired by various methods such as the Awakening of Body Consciousness, Yoga, Danza Duende based on practices of meditation, breathing, visualization through which the different senses are stimulated gently (hearing, smell, sight, touch, taste)

Duration of the workshop: 1 hour

For Who? For everyone

Number of participants: According to age groups and specific needs, 5 to 15 participants

Practical organization: A room where participants can lie comfortably, a sound installation to play music

The host:Claudia Nunes

  • Aerial Circassian, Theatrical Dancer, Atypical Singer, …
  • Pedagogue of Artistic and Sensitive Body Methods
  • Nomadic researcher Coach


Bio:Claudia Nunes is trained at the National School of Circus Arts of Brussels (ENAC / ESAC), where she specializes in aerial techniques. One-off formations then complete her training in voice, movement, theatrical and circus techniques. She also adresses Contact Dance, Consciousness Dance, Dance Anatomy, Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching, Feldenkrais Method, Bioenergy, Physical Training Methods for Dancers and Actors, Pilates Method, Horizon System ( Aikido), the Awakening of Body Consciousness, Meditation, Neuroscience, Danza Duende and Choresophy (Breath Dance).

Since 1994, she participated in several creations as a performance artist.

She traveled in Europe as an “aerial” interpreter with various companies such as “Everything is Slow”, “Baladins du Miroir”, “La Cie du Chapitô”, “Ze Red Shoes”, “La Cie Elles”, “El Comediantes”, “Alaeti”, “El Colectivo Ambar”, “Cie DSN”, “Anakrouze”, … and collaborated in the creation of shows mixing music, visual arts, videos, digital arts, theater, dance, acrobatics and aerial. Her creations visit poetic, sensitive and touching universes linked to the depths of being.

Claudia teaches aerial techniques (trapeze, fabric, research and creativity, aerial dance, aerial wear) circus techniques, Pilates, Free Duende and Body & Soul.

She coaches children, adolescents, adults, seniors and families in individual and personalized sessions.

She develops personal skills by creating a system composed of physical, artistic and philosophical methods allowing to get to know each other better through anatomical observations, postures, exercise exercises, spontaneous dances, rhythm, of musicality, and of interpretation games. They are based on several axes: creativity, attention, concentration, relaxation, breath and knowledge of body and mind.


Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30 to 14:30
Fridays from 11:30 to 14:30
Some weekends on Saturdays and Sundays from 11h to 15h
Sometimes in the evening also some weekends