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The artists

I am an artist and I would like to participate in Orfeo social, how do I proceed?

You look on the calendar what date available might suit you and contact us by completing the form on the site.

I am an artist and I would like to participate in Orfeo social but no date suits me

You contact us via the form by indicating in the form your availabilities or you contact us directly. We will keep you informed if there are options in the future.

I am an artist and I would like to participate in Orfeo social but I am available only on weekends

You contact us via the form by indicating in the form your availabilities or you contact us directly. We will keep you informed if there are options in the future.

I am an artist and I have an artistic project ready for a specific date, can I propose it?

 You are more than welcome to. In this case, we offer it to the various partners by seeing who is interested.

Can I offer Orfeo new locations to go?

Of course, by putting us in touch with the team of the institution or place taking into account the social and cultural character of our approach.

Orfeo is mainly active in Brussels, are there any activities elsewhere?

We want to spread across the country. If there are requests or proposals for places outside Brussels by artists or institutions we are open to these proposals.

Who can participate in Orfeo social?

Any amateur or professional artist is welcome. The goal is to share art with other people.

Can we come with a large group of artists (a choir for example)?

Yes, as long as one can agree on a date and the capacity of the place of reception is adapted.

How long does a performance last?

A performance lasts about 45 minutes.

I do not have 45 minutes program, may I participate?

In this case, we need a program of at least 15 minutes to be able to combine your performance with that of another artist.

I committed to a performance, may I cancel it ?

We rely on trust and respect for each party’s commitments.
However, should this happen, we will do everything possible to find an alternative solution. Unfortunately, if this is not possible we will have to cancel the event.

Do I have to bring my equipment?

If possible, yes. If there is a difficulty with the transport, please tell us in advance and we will look for a solution.

Is there any equipment on site (sound system,...)?

It depends on the guest location but it is rare. Orfeo has a bluetooth speaker that can be made available.

Do I have to rent equipment (micro, amplifier....)?

No, Orfeo does it, we have a possiblity to rent equipement at affordable ratess.
If you need equipment, let us know so that we can do what is necessary. However, make sure the request stays reasonable.

Can we see the place before the performance?

You are more than welcome to. We must organise an appointment with the guest location

Am I insured as an artist?

Yes. Orfeo has taken out a liability insurance policy for volunteers.

The public

How many people attend the performance?

It varies according to the place and the number of people hosted. We provide a poster to the venue so that it  mobilize peple to attend the event.
The average audience is between 20 and 50 people.


May I bring external public?

The primary goal is to make a concert for a specific audience and share with them your art.
However, if you want to bring a friend, teacher or other artist, we will submit this request to the host institution that will make the decision.

Does the public appreciate the performances organised by Orfeo?

Yes, the feedbacks are always very positive. Moreover, for our greatest pleasure, the institutions continue the collaboration for future events.

Will the public be interested in my performance?

Yes, you will be well received, your desire to share your art with passion will be appreciated by all.
Make sure to adapt your programming according to your audience (age) and the place of performance (space constraints).

What is the audience level of attention?

The public is usually very attentive and interested. However, it is not always able to know or to respect the social codes in place in theaters or places of culture (distractions, health problems, …).

Is there a dialogue with the public?

After the performance, we organize a moment of exchange between the artist and the public. This discussion is often highly appreciated, it allows the public to ask the artist different questions about his art and the performance and also to have a feedback.

The communication

Does Orfeo take pictures, recordings and communicate on social media?

Yes, with your agreement. It is very important for us to communicate about our activities.
If you do not want to be filmed or recorded, we respect your choice. Be sure to let us know, we will also inform the staff of the institution. We will then illustrate the event with a neutral photo (eg a photo of the instrument for a violin recital).

Does Orfeo take pictures of the public?

Yes, to give an account of the event however we make sure that people are not identifiable individually (by blurring the faces or taken far away).

I do not want that my name appears during the activities

It is possible: Either you use a pseudonym or your first name only, or a pseudo, or we mention the event in a neutral way (ex: violin recital).
Be sure to inform us in advance about how you want to be presented.

The institutions

I am an institution and want to organize a performance, how to do it?

You contact us via the form and indicate in the form the dates and times of the desired performance. We can also meet to discuss it in more detail.

How long does the performance last?

The performance lasts about 45 minutes.

I am an institution, how much time in advance do I have to plan for a performance?

At least 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

I am an institution, can I schedule events for the whole year?

Yes and it is much better from an organizational point of view because it gives predictability.We will propose you various artists in order to make discover a diverse art environment.

Who defines the programming of the artists?

Orfeo is a social and cultural exchange project. We take into account as much as possible the wishes of the guest location.
We program the artists taking into account the constraints of schedule, space, public and the previous program in this location.

I am an institution and wish to choose the program, style or artist

We organize the services according to the availability of the artists. We try as far as possible to make a proposal in accordance with your wishes.
If you want a specific program or artist this is possible via  Orfeo Events.

I am an institution and would like an animation for 2 hours, is it possible?

Yes, as part of , Orfeo events in agreement with the chosen artist.

The organization

How long does the artist have to be on site in advance?

The artist arrives at least 40 minutes before the start of the performance.

How does the public know about the performance?

Orfeo prepares a poster, at least a week before the date, which is intended to warn the public. We rely on the institution to disseminate the relevant information.

What has the institution to do to host a performance?

The institution must prepare the space in advance, gather the public and take care of it during the performance if necessary.
There must also be a separate for the artists where they can change and concentrate before their performance.

Is the Orfeo team there during the performances?

Yes, as much as possible, we always send the Orfeo team on site to welcome and accompany the artists.

Must the staff from the institution be present during the event?

The member of the Orfeo team takes care of the organization of the performance and of the artists.
We ask you to be present to ensure the smooth running of the performance for the public.

Does the institution have to give something to the artists?

We always ask for recognition for the artists’ work.
This pledge does not have to have a significant value but has a symbolic value which testifies the appreciation of the host location for this moment of exchange and sharing (flowers, collective letter, pralines, sweets, do-it-yourself made by the residents, …).

Financial aspects

How much does a Orfeo Social performance costs ?

We charge between 50 and 100 € according to the means of the institution.

How does the institution pay Orfeo?

At its best convenience, it is possible to pay by transfer or cash. Orfeo issues an invoice and can also make a purchase order if necessary.

Does Orfeo make totally free performances?

Yes, when the animation budget is non-existent (eg homeless people), in this case we offer totally free performances.

Are the artists defrayed?

The compensation is specified on a case by case basis and depends on the contribution of the host institution. We try to make it systematic.

The payment is:
– 35 € for one person, sole provider (legal amount set by the law of 3 July 2005 on the rights of volunteers).
– 50 € for a group, two or more artists. This is a global amount, not per artist.
However, the artists can give it up by donating the amount, as support in our actions or to allow us to pay other artists who need it more.

Are the transportation costs of the artists reimbursed?

Yes, however, we must approve the amount in advance and make sure they are reasonable.
Nevertheless, they can not exceed the maximum amount set by the law of July 3, 2005.

Are the expenses taxable ?

No, as long as they do not exceed the following ceilings:
The amount allocated to the volunteer is maximum 33.36 euros per day (indexed in 2019 to 34.75 €) and 1,334.55 euros per year (2017 income, fiscal year 2018). Caution: this applies for all of a person’s volunteer activities.
In addition to the lump sum payment, reimbursement of transport costs actually proven is limited to a maximum of 2,000 kilometers per year:
for travel by car, motorbike or moped for the period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017: maximum 0,3363 euro per kilometer traveled
for bicycle trips (2017 revenues, 2018 tax year): 0.23 euro per kilometer.

Source SPF Financiën

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