The genesis of Orfeo

The idea of Orfeo is based on a double observation. On the one hand, there are many talents that do not often have the opportunity to express themselves because they are not part of a classical artistic professional circuit. On the other hand, there are social, cultural, financial, logistical or other barriers to access to art and culture for some people. The founding idea of ORFEO is therefore based on the meeting of different universes to share the pleasure of art and beauty.

Who are we ?

Anne Deltour

Founder – Direction and Financing

Lawyer by training, after an experience in the Belgian and European civil service, I wanted to develop a social and artistic project. Musician and singer, I like to share my passion for the music that touches me.


Hananne Frouga

Coordination and human resources

After an experience in in human resources in the corparate world, I turned to the non-profit sector. Since September 2018, I collaborate with the Orfeo team in this wonderful project that links the social and the art and which fascinates me.


Monica Lucaccioni

Events Coordinator

Over the years, I led a double career in Art and Communication. I looked for my own path by travelling around the world and by combining many professional experiences in my two favorite sectors, abroad and in Belgium, where I came back to live permanently 4 years ago.

My meeting with Anne Deltour and the universe of Orfeo took place a few months ago made me immediately adhere to the philosophy of the NGO. Today I am part of the Orfeo team by putting my know-how at the service of the non-profit organization and the artists.

A rich collaboration begins.


Diane Ndaba

Communication Officer

Epicurean of communication, enthusiastic and curious, I have always been immersed in the world of communication.

I like to work in environments in which creativity, interaction and team cohesion allows meaningful projects to emerge.


Chloé Buku Pongo

Marketing Manager

Orfeo is a project that directly seduced me both by its approach to art and by its social aspect. My favorite thing about my current job is that it gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and my ideas through communication, events and even marketing.


Mohamed Camara

Audiovisual Manager

Passionate about multimedia and audiovisual, after a trip with an NGO in Africa, followed by a training in socio-cultural animation, I wanted to bring to Orfeo all the experience I had acquired.

Today, I feel the passion that animates each person I work with. It is this passion that feeds me and pushes me to surpass daily myself.


Andrea Jamard

Responsible for artists

Philanthropist and always keen on any cultural activity, I love meeting new people, discovering new artists and what they have to express. Participating in Orfeo therefore gives me a very rich immersion in the heart of a humanly and artistically engaged project.


Roya Kamran


Having worked in the area of juvenile delinquency, I am quite interested in projects aimed at developing the potentials of children and youth and feel very enthusiastic about the work of Orfeo, which has set up a bridge between artists and socially disadvantaged children.

Maria Zapico


What attracts me in Orfeo vzw is its humanitarian character as well as its wide range of artistic and cultural offerings that weaves links between people from disadvantaged backgrounds by giving them access to art.

Orfeo in pictures.