Internships / Volunteers

Orfeo is looking for trainees and volunteers.

An internship with Orfeo offers a friendly and dynamic working environment, in a stimulating social, entrepreneurial and cultural project. Tasks are varied and include external meetings, organisation of events, trainings, meetings with partners, communication, ….

The interns have a great autonomy and initiative. We aim to use and valorize at best the talents of everyone.

The trainees can do a graduation internship at Orfeo and carry out their end-of-study work under the supervision of the team.

The volunteers may depending on their interests and availabilities, invest the time they wish in various tasks either within the administrative team (communication, planning, management of relations with partners,….) or in the field ( attendance of events, relationship with partners….) or in artistic tasks.


3 months internship at Orfeo,

You could call it magic. I find that these 3 months internship have brought me so much in professional life, but also in social life.

A wonderful team, a super internship supervisor, who brings a lot of knowledge and advice for work, but also for life.

I though not too interested in societal life, have been able to share with them unforgettable moments, to see old people amazed, sick people smiles, the poor to forget their life for a while, it is the most beautiful thing that can be brought on earth. Thank you Anne

Sara Bakiji

Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckère Marketing Section

3 months internship made of meetings and unforgettable moments. Rewarding both professionally and humanely.

A varied daily life, a very pleasant work atmosphere and a lot of ideas to develop : what to do with one’s creativity and touch in different areas.

An internship that allowed me to flourish, to learn about others and myself and to feel useful in bringing smiles to faces.

I’m going back from this unique experience with a lot of learning and memories.


Pauline Jaumain

EPHEC Marketing Section

My internship with the ASBL Orfeo has been rich in meetings and has brought me enormously at the human, professional and personal level. Seeing the happiness on the faces of the people visited and discovering their stories and the different cultures touched me a lot.

Mylène Deconinck

ECSEDI ISALT Recreation and Tourism Management Section

As a volunteer with Orfeo, I am proud to have been able to participate and offer my help to the ASBL in the projects it carries out. A motivating and meaningful experience for those who share their art and those who welcome it. A nice exchange that deserves to be put forward. I wish a bright future full of art and smiles to Orfeo and its Dream Team!

Andréa Colinas


Student in graphic design, I joined the Orfeo team in November. I have been very touched by the social engagement of the team. Hence I was very glad to be able to develop the communication for the non profit association and to keep learning over human values.

Gwendoline Fievet


The year i spent working with Orfeo was my first professional experience which allowed me to understand the functioning of a Brussels based, non-profit organization and work in a team in the social sector. It was a rewarding experience from all the points of view that taught me to work in a team, to be more flexible and more organized. Many thanks to the Orfeo team for their welcome and their support.

Dimitri Graur


My seven-week internship at Orfeo was very positive and rewarding.I was able to develop the skills acquired during my training.The working atmosphere was pleasant and the exchanges between the members of the team very nourishing.A beautiful professional and relational experience.

Andrés Goldestein


I am very happy to have had the opportunity to join the Orfeo team. The social project really touched me, it allowed me to understand the human values of life. Now we have set up a brand new goal, which is the events project which has a lot of ambition. It was with great pleasure that I was able to contribute to this task.

Andy Godeaux


I am a student in Marketing at EPHEC and I started my internship at Orfeo in February 2019. I was really fulfilled in my work. Contributing to the development of the non-profit association and thus helping the most deprived to have access to art and culture, but also to help young local artists was something that motivated me strongly.

Giulia Abensour