Orfeo Events

An artist in your own home

Looking for one or more artists for a show or concert at a garden party, a wedding, a social evening or a cocktail party? Orfeo allows you to book artists to perform at your wedding, business event, birthday, etc.

Our catalogue of artists brings you a wide range of performance styles (musicians, dancers, actors, etc.) and original and quality performances that will help make your event memorable at affordable prices.


If you have any special wishes, please contact us to organise a tailor-made show within your budget.

As a bonus, you will know that you are supporting Orfeo’s social project.


The show presented to us by Ninon was very original and marked by various influences. She dances with a lot of grace and knows how to bring out the emotions she wants to express through dance. I thank her for having brightened the party with an unexpected and original performance, which I like.

This show made a wonderful contribution to the success of this beautiful day and was greatly appreciated by all our friends.


April 2018

To celebrate our golden wedding anniversary on 26 May 2018, our children and grandchildren organised a party for us. In addition to the joy of being surrounded by our family and friends, we received a “surprise” gift: a dance performance arranged by Orfeo. Two talented young dancers, Olga and Claudia, gave us an absolutely magnificent and touching contemporary dance show! Young and old were fascinated and spellbound by the grace and expressiveness of the two artists. Their charming and smiling presence contributed to the success of this unforgettable day!

Brigitte and Jean-Pierre

May 2018