Our shows

These are existing shows that you can book for a performance at your home or in a specific place depending on the technical requirements.

Dwenzah show


Dwenzah is a journey between East and West where Arab-Mediterranean music, gypsy dance and traditional Moroccan Amazigh song interpenetrate each other.
This is a new show created by the ensemble Tarabella and the singer Noria Zaman. and the group of Jupoj dancers.
Ninon Robin, Hélène Gulizzi and Sandra Vanoverberghe explore the worlds of gypsy dance, tango and more through their personal choreographies.

Duration : 1:15

Price : 2000€

Masha & Cie Tiguidap


A very special show of horse training at a distance and in total freedom that can be customized. It is an artistic presentation around the link between the horse and its rider.

Duration and price : on request


Compagnie Bianco Nero

Staging : Andréa Bardos

Acting: Andréa Bardos and Charlotte Deschamps

Theatrical performance of “Maupassant à table“. For all ages from 12 years old. Pierrot and La Parure, two tales written by Maupassant, are social satires that speak of the destructive power of money. They have been adapted for the theater in a rhythmic and choreographic way. In the manner of Arte Povera, the two actresses play with simple everyday objects to embody different characters; for example, a poor sausage may suffer to die, and a proud wine-glass may blush with pleasure. This universe unfolds in the greatest simplicity and autonomy, without any machinery or recorded music; the voice and the movements of the actresses, as well as the objects are the only support of play. Maximum 50 people.

Duration : 50 min

Price : 689 euros (Brussels Capital Region) 795 euros (outside Brussels)