The genesis of Orfeo

The idea of Orfeo is based on a double statement. On the one hand, there are many talents who do not often have the opportunity to express themselves because they are not part of a established artistic professional network. On the other hand, there are social, cultural, financial, logistical or other barriers to access to art and culture for some people. The founding idea of Orfeo is based on the meeting of different worlds to share the pleasure of art and beauty.

Who are we ?

Anne Deltour

Founder – Direction and Financing

Lawyer by training, after an experience in the Belgian and European civil service, I wanted to develop a social and artistic project. Musician and singer, I like to share my passion for the music that touches me.


Hananne Frouga

Coordination and human resources

After an experience in in human resources in the corparate world, I turned to the non-profit sector. Since September 2018, I collaborate with the Orfeo team in this wonderful project that links the social and the art and which fascinates me.


Dimitri Graur


After my technical studies in a film school in Brussels, I joined the Orfeo team to use my cinematography skills to develop the association communication through all audiovisual means.


Alexandra Nemeth


Following my experience in the commercial sector, I chose to join the Orfeo team for the sharing of human and cultural values.
My job is the marketing development of Orfeo Event which represents for me the bridge between the value of artists and the curiosity of the public.